160 Ideas for Email Opt-In Ideas to Grow Your List Fast

160 Ideas for Email Opt-In Ideas to Grow Your List Fast

Why is an Opt-in option so important? The opt-in option allows you to give your readers to get something of value for nothing. If you provide value to your readers, they will stay on your list and become loyal customers.

A lot of our clients tell us they are running out of ideas on Email Opt-in options. Really? Well today, I want to help you get 160 ideas for email opt-ins that will help you grow your list quickly.

160 Email Opt-In Ideas to Grow Your List Fast:


  1. Quiz
  2. Free Webinar
  3. Tutorial
  4. Cheat Sheet
  5. Case Study
  6. 5 Quick Fixes for _________
  7. eBook
  8. Beginners guide to _________
  9. Content upgrades based on your blog posts
  10. Toolkit
  11. Resource list
  12. Printable Planner
  13. Prompts
  14. Audio Book
  15. Access to Library of Resources
  16. Challenge
  17. Facebook Group
  18. Membership Site
  19. Free Trial
  20. Waiting List
  21. Chapters from a Paid Book
  22. Swipe Files
  23. Email Subject Line Swipe File
  24. Seasonal Email Subject Lines Swipe File
  25. Client Response Template Email
  26. Email Course
  27. Mini-Course
  28. Masterclass Webinar
  29. Audio Course
  30. Worksheet/Workbook
  31. List of your favourites
  32. Action Plan
  33. Tip sheet
  34. Free guide
  35. Business plan workbook
  36. Social Media Planner
  37. Coffee Chats
  38. Schedule
  39. Assessment
  40. Waitlist
  41. Monthly Newsletter
  42. Web App
  43. App
  44. Gated Content
  45. Online Summit Tickets
  46. In Person Event Tickets
  47. Survey Results
  48. Roundup
  49. Giveaway
  50. Free Quote
  51. An interview with someone influential
  52. Q&A Session with you
  53. Pocket Guide
  54. Online tool that requires registration
  55. Email Series Challenge


  1. Pre-Photo Session Checklist
  2. Stock photos Freebies
  3. Pre-sets Freebies
  4. Photoshop/Illustrator brush sets
  5. Guide to Taking Instagram photos
  6. How to prep for your photoshoot
  7. Tips for taking _______ Pictures
  8. Christmas Card Template (insert family photo)
  9. Birthday Card Template (insert photo)
  10. Posing Secrets
  11. Make-up tips for Photography Session
  12. Clothing Selection tips for Family Photography Session
  13. Flatlay Styling Tips
  14. Tips to improve your photography session experience
  15. Favourite Wedding Shotlist


  1. Business card template
  2. Phone Background
  3. Desktop Background
  4. Free Print
  5. Instagram Story Templates
  6. Website Audit Template
  7. Social Media Audit
  8. Google Analytics Dashboard Download
  9. Calligraphy Tutorial
  10. Inspiration File
  11. Inspirational Quote Prints
  12. Branding Challenge
  13. Website Launch Checklist
  14. Brand Messaging Workbook
  15. Welcome Guide Template


  1. Blog post prompts
  2. Sales Script
  3. Email Proposal Template
  4. Business Budget
  5. Plan your marketing worksheet
  6. Business Plan Template
  7. Marketing Plan Template
  8. Productivity Challenge
  9. Social Media Planning Workbook/Template
  10. Social Media Swipe Captions
  11. Tips to Improve your Instagram
  12. Ideal Client Workbook
  13. Hashtag Guide
  14. Tips for Converting Clients off Social Media
  15. Email Subject Lines that Convert


  1. Discount (available for a certain time period)
  2. Coupon Code (available for certain products)
  3. Catalogue of Products
  4. Free Shipping
  5. Free Samples
  6. Early Access to a Sale
  7. Product Pre-Launches
  8. Birthday Discount
  9. Gift with Purchase
  10. How to use your product guides
  11. Seasonal Trend Guide
  12. Monthly Give Away
  13. Tips that relate to your product
  14. Exclusive Products
  15. How to use your product


  1. Recipe
  2. Workout Calendar
  3. Meal Plan
  4. Free Workout Routine
  5. Morning & Night Routine
  6. Style Guide
  7. Special Deals
  8. Exercise Guides
  9. Travel Guides
  10. Carry On Packing Lists
  11. eCookbook
  12. Clean Eating Grocery Shopping List
  13. Travel Guides
  14. Wardrobe Planner
  15. Travel Packing Checklist


  1. Kitchen Design Layouts
  2. How to organize your __________ (desk, files, jewelry)
  3. Checklist for cleaning out your closet
  4. Tips for Styling _________
  5. Seasonal Cleaning Lists
  6. #BossLady tips for your workspace
  7. Quiz -> Best paint colors for your personality
  8. How to style your bed
  9. Best {product} for your design style
  10. DIY Tutorial
  11. Ethically Sourced Furniture Cheatsheet
  12. Seasonal Decorating Checklists
  13. Gallery Wall Templates
  14. Purge your House Challenge
  15. Organization Label Printable


  1. Goal Setting Guide
  2. New Habit Challenge
  3. Tips to Destress your Life
  4. Time Management Tips
  5. Tips to Organize your Business
  6. DIY Coaching Series
  7. Weekly Tips
  8. Creative Prompts
  9. Actionable Steps to increase your Business
  10. Charge What you are Worth Worksheet
  11. Business Planning Workbook
  12. Email Course
  13. Productivity Cheatsheet
  14. Business Roadmap
  15. Facebook Group Access

The point of all of these freebies is to give value and help to your customers. Gone are the days where you can just post “Subscribe to our newsletter” on your blog and people will sign up. Our inboxes are so full these days and people do not want to get spammed with random stuff. They know how valuable their email address is and they aren’t about to give it away for free. By giving them something of value, you will give them a reason to want to share that information with you.

Let us know what ideas worked well for you.

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160 Ideas for Email Opt-In Ideas to Grow Your List Fast

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