5 FREE SEO Tools to help you get ahead of your competitors

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5 FREE SEO Tools to help you get ahead of your competitors

In an earlier Blog, we spoke about On-Page SEO. Here are 5 FREE tools to help you get on your way for a better SEO.

Inspired to start optimizing your website? The right tools make all the difference. Check out some of the best free tools on the market and start increasing your web traffic today.

1. Website Optimizer

This Website Checker provides an overview of outstanding optimization opportunities on your website.

2. Robots.txt

This Robots.txt Generator creates a robots.txt file for you in a few, simple steps, while the Robots.txt Tool informs you of the bot accessibility of different directories.

3. Avoid Duplicate Content

The Text Uniqueness Tool helps you to determine how similar two pieces of content are so that you can avoid duplicate content.

4. Google Snippet Optimizer

Google snippets are often users’ first impression of your website. Use this Google Snippet Optimizerto optimize the title and meta description of your snippet on different devices.

5. Page Speed

This comprehensive Page Speed guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to optimize your page speed.

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5 FREE SEO Tools to help you get ahead of your competitors

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