Act today to avoid being penalised by Google

Act today to avoid being penalised by Google

“Not Secure” Warnings Coming to Google Chrome
Google has announced a July 1st 2018 deadline for sites to set up an SSL certificate (also known as “https”) to prevent the dreaded “not secure” warning from appearing in Google Chrome.

If you do not already have an SSL certificate on your site, your site will be listed as Not Secure in just a few days, which could seriously impact your rankings and sales.

We’ve found a solution for you and put together some notes on this upcoming change, or you can read the technical details on Google’s blog. You won’t want to miss this, because there are only a few days left until Chrome 68 is set to release with this updated warning.

Without SSL Certificate:

Decreased customer confidence

No security

Lower sales

Lower rankings

With SSL:

More sales

Safer checkout & browsing

Increased confidence

Higher rankings

The “Not Secure” Warning

Users running Google Chrome 68 or higher, set to be released via auto-updates on July 1st of 2018, will see a “Not Secure” warning in the address bar for any site that is not using an SSL certificate (also known as “https”). If your website does not show “https://” with the green “lock” icon in the URL bar, you need to act now and set up an SSL certificate.
(Read the technical details on Google’s blog)

SEO Penalties for Non-Compliance

Google has announced penalties for sites that remain as “Not Secure”; your rankings could be impacted, and your competition who use SSL certificates on their site will be boosted above your non-secure pages. Google is also considering marking non-secure sites with a warning icon in the search results, which could dramatically reduce the number of clicks you get.

There Is Still Time

SSL certificates are now a must rather than a maybe. Get in touch with us today. We can handle the entire setup for you. You need to act now to get your certificate active before July 1st to prevent this new Google Chrome penalty warning.

Remember, you need to act before July 1st to prevent the “not secure” warning from appearing on your site. The SSL Store can handle everything for you, and is a trusted, reliable vendor – we highly recommend you contact us now to get your SSL set up.

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Act today to avoid being penalised by Google

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