Want to know why your business website ranking dropped after you revamped it?

New year. New Revamped Website. Drop in the SEO Ranking? We see this too often when an organisation has created nicer looking web pages or even created a brand new appealing website. They then notice that their SEO ranking suddenly falls. What is a Redirect in WordPress? A redirect is a way for your website […]

Ever wonder how you can use those UTM Parameters for Marketing Engagement?

I clicked on a link and I noticed that it took me to something that look like this: “http://www.thefusionbrand.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=adwords&utm_campaign=2018-paid-search&utm_term=marketing-automation&utm_content=testimonials” I decided to investigate what all this meant and if someone was trying to get access to my credit card information by using these extra things on the end of my website address… I discovered it […]