Be Ahead of the Marketing Game

What if you run your marketing as successfully as baseball teams? Pitch Make it Solid and Effective. Once you get your foot in the door, lay out the Marketing Strategy. Hit Ensure that your Website, Blog, Platform or Shop is compelling and accessible First Base The Landing Page is key in holding on to your […]

51.9% of marketing professionals say video content provides the best ROI

Did you know 51.9% of marketing professionals say video content provides the best ROI? Imagine promoting your video to millions… getting more views, likes, and subscribers.  Video marketing is a powerful way to build relationships and brand awareness with prospects. If you aren’t using video in your marketing yet, it’s high time to begin. So to […]

Strategy 24 – Cold Email Copy Strategies That Convert

The 3 Critical Factors Of A Cold Email Campaign The performance of your cold email campaign depends on these 3 things: Whether you correctly identify the person who has the pain, and Whether you clearly communicate that you understand their pain and can likely solve it. When you absolutely nail these three points there’s no […]

20 Cool Infographic Templates to Create Amazing Designs

In the era of internet, the process of learning becomes much more comfortable as it was before. Most people are visuals learners so visual content like infographics, slideshares, and videos are usually great marketing tools. Today I want to focus more on infographics and I want to give you some awesome examples of infographics that you […]

Utilize Storytelling to Establish a Deeper Connection

With the abundance of information available to today’s consumer, it’s so important to tell your brand’s unique story. Digital storytelling helps take your product from a physical thing or service to something that can solve their problems, change their lives, or make them happy. Humans love connection, emotion, and stories. “Marketing is no longer about […]

10 Things to Consider for Your 2018 Digital Marketing Plan

It’s that time of year again, time to start analyzing successes, owning up to the failures, and looking ahead to your 2018 plans. While it can be easy to keep your marketing engine running on the status quo, in today’s marketing world, it’s important to look at the new tools, technologies, and features that are […]