Want to know why your business website ranking dropped after you revamped it?

New year. New Revamped Website. Drop in the SEO Ranking? We see this too often when an organisation has created nicer looking web pages or even created a brand new appealing website. They then notice that their SEO ranking suddenly falls. What is a Redirect in WordPress? A redirect is a way for your website […]

How Good SEO Helps Brings You High Quality Traffic

If you want your website to be as successful as possible, then there are a lot of different factors that you need to take into account. Which of these is most important all depends on who you ask but one thing that we universally know to be highly important is ‘trust’. Google wants to provide […]

What is Amazon FBA and is it time your business jumped onto it?

If you already have, or you’re contemplating, a start-up with an actual physical product to sell, then you have probably heard of Amazon FBA – but what is it exactly and what are its advantages and any potential drawbacks you need to know about? Let’s say you are new and have created your own product. Now, you […]

5 FREE SEO Tools to help you get ahead of your competitors

SEO Tools

In an earlier Blog, we spoke about On-Page SEO. Here are 5 FREE tools to help you get on your way for a better SEO. Inspired to start optimizing your website? The right tools make all the difference. Check out some of the best free tools on the market and start increasing your web traffic […]

Want SEO then start with On-Page SEO.

On-page SEO As the name suggests, On-Page refers to the optimization opportunities on a website. By optimizing various components of your website, search engines can find, index, and categorize your content easier. If done correctly, On-Page SEO will positively affect your user experience and ultimately ranking in the SERPs. The following is a basic list […]

Act today to avoid being penalised by Google

“Not Secure” Warnings Coming to Google Chrome Google has announced a July 1st 2018 deadline for sites to set up an SSL certificate (also known as “https”) to prevent the dreaded “not secure” warning from appearing in Google Chrome. If you do not already have an SSL certificate on your site, your site will be listed as […]

20 Cool Infographic Templates to Create Amazing Designs

In the era of internet, the process of learning becomes much more comfortable as it was before. Most people are visuals learners so visual content like infographics, slideshares, and videos are usually great marketing tools. Today I want to focus more on infographics and I want to give you some awesome examples of infographics that you […]

Use Website Personalization to Deliver Relevant Content

The personalized web experiences are already here. Think about your experience on the web in the last week. How many times have you seen the following things: Product recommendations based on something you previously purchased Content suggestions based on a movie you watched or music you downloaded, etc. A mass email customized with your name […]

Launch a Growth-Driven Website Plan

Historically, the standard practice when it comes to websites is to do a complete redesign every 2-4 years or so, depending on your industry. This is for a number of reasons: Stay up-to-date with changes in technology, web standards, search algorithms, etc. Refresh the look and feel to keep visitors engaged with your website. Do […]