Here is Why You Should Learn to Love Your Junk Mail

Here is Why You Should Learn to Love Your Junk Mail

I am continually seeing endless ‘No Junk Mail’ stickers on neighbors letterboxes. If you are a business owner and are using one of these stickers than I a see missed opportunity for you.

It isn’t for the reasons you may think.

I am going to provide 3 reasons that may make you think twice about using the ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker.

1. The Offering

Ask yourself why you pick up a catalog or pamphlet from places you have visited. What made you pick it up. Was it the picture? Or the colours? Maybe it was the enticing heading?

Today, in the era of digital marketing, we are required to create Landing Pages.

Landing Pages are simply like a one-pager which looks almost like your website but directed towards one particular offering, product or service.

By already understanding what makes you, or someone who could be a potential customer, pick up a pamphlet or brochure, you are already ahead of the game. You can use the same ‘sex appeal’ on your landing pages. Whether it be the colour, the exciting headline or even the type of picture used.

If you have a smartphone (like who doesn’t..hello!), I would suggest using something like the Evernote App or Google Keep App to take notes and pictures of those pamphlets/flyers that appealed to you. If it is your partner or friend who picked it up, ask them what appealed to them.

2. The Copywriting

If you have ever used a copywriter, you will know they are extremely expensive. A copywriters job is not just to ensure your grammar is correct, but also to ensure you are using the correct terms within your marketplace, the content is convincing and easy to understand not to you but to your customers. They will spend hours and even days investigating all this required information.

Those who have sent you junk mail have already paid a copywriter to ensure the words are appealing to their audience. This is almost like free copywriting to you! If the junk mail is offering a service similar to your line of business, then review the words used in it, notice the bold words, the layout, even the picture used. They have less than 4 seconds to entice you to pick up their junk mail and then the tougher part, have you read thru it and hold on to it. Use this information, but in the digital marketing space.

You are now a copywriter. Imagine the amount of money you have now saved yourself!

3. The BIG Idea

You can call me a hoarder of junk mail. Why do I like holding on to soo much junk mail you ask? We develop websites for a number of different industries, ranging from real estate agencies, accountants, telco businesses, coffee shops….well the list is endless. So when I see junk mail, I see ideas for these businesses.

Most of these businesses have spent hours wondering what offers they should be promoting, or more importantly, what offers their customers will like.

Your competitors have spent endless hours running thru all their products and services, until eventually deciding on this one idea. You do not need to spend hours. You now already know.

I hope now you can see why junk mail is important and why you should try to love it.

Recently I was sitting in my dentist waiting room and I noticed his ‘office junk mail’.

The headline read ‘She loves your NEW smile of confidence’. I saw the picture of a girl looking at the guy enticingly while he is smiling ear to ear with his mouth completely open to show his gleaming white teeth. Reading thru it I also noticed the ‘lead magnet’. The fonts were bigger in size, the colours bright, and the words almost flowed into it.

Now my visit to the dentist not only looks like it will be fun but I could also be more attractive to the opposite sex. Too much?

Lead Magnet

So, what is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is exactly how it sounds. A lead magnet is a lead, such as a discount or special service offering or something that your customer would like, and is used as a magnet to attract them to your business.

Why am I harping on about landing pages and lead magnets? These are elements that form part of digital marketing.

When you click on a Facebook Ad or an ad in your Facebook Messenger, did you know it takes you to, yes, you guessed it, a landing page with a lead magnet to further entice you to buy or use your services?

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Here is Why You Should Learn to Love Your Junk Mail

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