Here what to do if you really want to connect with potential customers

Here what to do if you really want to connect with potential customers

In our opinion, today, the best incentivised lead magnet for lead generation (and nurturing) has been live webinars. Webinars are super appealing because they’re a social event that connects you to your audience in real time. Seeing or hearing a speaker builds trust, and seeing other people join online adds to the overall experience. People are starving for real human connection in their pursuit of solutions.

Offer a webinar that delivers on a focused promise with solid content. Be clear about who your webinar is for, and what they’ll get out of it for attending. When your webinar is over, you can offer access to the replay, but I suggest repeating your webinar frequently (weekly is ideal) to continue the momentum from these live online classes.

Here are some core things you should make sure you hit on your webinar that will move the needle:

  • Start with a title slide: Thank participants for being there and share how the webinar will be different than others.
  • Tell them who this is for: Most webinar registrants want to know if this is for them. Tell them at the beginning and throughout the webinar so they stay interested.
  • Hook ‘em until the end: If registrants stay until the end of the webinar, give them a free gift so they are incentivized to watch the full presentation.
  • Establish authority: Tell viewers why they should listen to you. Give them some context about you. List your accomplishments, accolades, and unique selling points so they respect you.
  • Tell your story: Share how you got started. Don’t leave out the ups and downs as it’s important for your audience to see you as vulnerable because they will develop empathy and forge a stronger connection.
  • Present three secrets: Share three secrets they will learn in the webinar. Break objections and Teach them. It’s the quickest way to crush your sales because they will leave as if they know everything.
  • Present an offer at the end: Transition to the offer at the end of the webinar. Re-state exactly what was learned. Then, share an offer and benefits. Make sure your offer is benefit-focused and not featured-focused. This will drive higher revenue.
  • Include a deadline: Let registrants know of your amazing offer and that the listed price will only last for a limited time. You can even create a bonus if registrants sign up the day of the webinar. This drives scarcity and drives action from your customers.

If you focus on the steps listed above, any beginner can have a successful webinar. Feel free to call on us if you need some assistance.

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Here what to do if you really want to connect with potential customers

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