How To Win Over Customers Who Won’t Let You

How To Win Over Customers Who Won’t Let You

Do you want to persuade more people to take action?

Customer today no longer wish to be sold to. They want the decision to be their own. Most marketers will do the usual campaigns of lead magnets, blog news, webinars etc. Whatever they do they are finding today’s customer unmoved.

So, what do you do?

The first really should be – Why are they not reacting.

The answer is so simple. We, as customers are tuned to turning ourselves off from any form of advertising. We grew up watching endless ads on television. We listen to the radio with ads. We had endless ads on YouTube videos, Vimeo, the list is endless.

So what’s changed?

We have alot more options. Netflix has removed the ads. Digital Radio has removed the ads. And even if we are watching public television, we now simply channel-surf or when the ads come on, its time for us to walk away or rather stare at our smartphones Instagram stories, Facebook feeds, Emails etc.

Here is a simple strategic solution. Since we place a negative approach to ads – being sold to – our thinking patterns are caught in that zone. Instead, provide them with more than one option of your offerings.

Rather than saying “Right Now we are offering 20% Off” or “Free Delivery”, why not offer both as alternative options. You can EITHER get 20% off OR Free Delivery.

What has this done? It has shifted the mindset.

You are no longer thinking you’re just being sold to, you are now thinking which of the two (or more) options suits you best.

So, you aren’t really being sold to – you are in the driver’s seat making a decision.

Give this a try and let us know how you go.

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How To Win Over Customers Who Won’t Let You

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