New Instagram messaging features rolled out; Useful for you? Find out now

New Instagram messaging features rolled out; Useful for you? Find out now

Instagram has rolled out 7 new messaging features that can be very useful. From the ability to share music previews to checking who’s online, check list here.

1) Are you an Instagram user? Instagram app has introduced 7 new features for its users. However, these new Instagram messaging features are available in select countries only for now, but they will be expanded globally. Here is all you need to know about the new Instagram Messaging features. (AFP)

2) Reply while you browse: Receive a new message while you are browsing your Instagram feed? You can now reply without going to your inbox and losing your place. This new feature makes it that much easier and more convenient to chat while on the app. (Instagram)

3) Quickly send to friends: You can reshare interesting content without interrupting their Instagram experience. By tapping and holding the share button, you can effortlessly reshare posts to your closest friends. (Instagram)

4) See who’s online: At the top of your Instagram inbox, you can see who’s free to chat at that moment, helping you find serendipitous opportunities to connect with friends. (AP)

5) Play, pause, and re-play: Enabled by integrations with Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify coming soon, you can now share a 30-second preview of that song you just can’t get out of your head, and your friends can listen directly from your Instagram chat. (HT_PRINT)

6) Send silent messages: Send messages without notifying friends late at night or when they’re busy by adding “@silent” in your message. Now you can reach out without worrying about sending unwanted notifications. (REUTERS)

7) Keep it on the lo-fi: Feeling chill? Try the new lo-fi Instagram chat theme to make your conversations feel more personal. (AFP)

8) Create a poll with your squad: Deciding where to go to dinner or what time to meet up? Instagram is bringing one of Messenger’s most beloved group chat features on the app so you can create a poll directly in your group chat. (REUTERS)

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New Instagram messaging features rolled out; Useful for you? Find out now

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