Providing a price discount only discounts your brand. Here are 10 alternative options.

Providing a price discount only discounts your brand. Here are 10 alternative options.

When we approach businesses for an offering that could generate leads, their first option is always to provide a discount on one of their products or service. We have found such approaches only result in outcomes. First, the business becomes known as a discount place and clients believe they can haggle on the products/services that are not discounted. Second, this leads to one-off sales which become non-existent once the discount period has expired.

So, to help businesses, we have formed our own list of 10 offers that don’t discount your brand.

  1. Referral Programs.

    Referral programs may at first seem like a discount. Here is the thing. A referral discount can be a percentage/cost reduction on a future product/service by that client. This ensures not only a new customer but also another sale to your current customer who provided the referral. Win/Win.

  2. Guides/Kits/eBooks

    10-to 30-page downloadable PDF documents that resemble short ebooks, guides or kits. Usually, these pieces are professionally designed and focus on a hot topic to your ideal customer. The primary purpose of guides or kits is to secure leads when visitors fill out a web form.

  3. Books/Ebooks

    If you want to be perceived as an expert, write a book. Whether it’s a physical book or electronic, conventionally published or self-published, a full-length book is an instant credibility builder. Books are often sold on Amazon (another revenue stream for you) but some firms will give away electronic versions in exchange for an email address. This is a proven lead generation technique.

  4. Free Consultation/Quote

    Most businesses will charge a call out fee due to the associated costs. Depending on your ideal customer this could be the one thing which makes you stand out from your competitors. eg  Older generations prefer a free quote, so if they are your ideal customer why not apply special rules eg Pensioner Fee Free Day or even absorb the costs. eg Callout Fee refunded if quote accepted.

  5. Workshop Event

    A big winner these days for businesses is organising an after-hours event on the subject which impacts most of your high ticketed clients. This not only allows them to get to ‘place a face to the name on the phone’ but also creates a rapport.

  6. Research Studies:

    A research study is meant to show visitors that your firm is a thought leader. By presenting market data, insights and findings in an easy-to-absorb format, you position your firm as a primary source of expertise and knowledge. Research studies are also useful because they can be broken down into smaller chunks and repurposed as blog posts and infographics.

  7. Webinars:

    A seminar conducted over the internet, these hour-long presentations are perfect for both generating leads and nurturing existing prospects. Webinars have the visibility benefits of a live speaking event without the hassle of travelling and spending an entire day at an event. They also present a good opportunity for partnerships if you can find another firm that complements yours.

  8. White Papers

    These longer content pieces are usually technical in nature and focus on a specific topic area. Although a bit outdated in some industries, white papers are still very appealing to certain audiences, such as technology and

    government contracting buyers. Much like guides and kits, white papers can be used to generate leads when they truly are offered in exchange for basic contact information.

  9. e-Newsletters

    Although newsletters have been around for decades, their function has evolved. Readers no longer care to read about the goings on at a firm. Instead, they want an e-newsletter to provide practical educational information. If you don’t have the time to write a long-format piece, you can simply link to your best blog posts, webinars, or other content pieces on your website.

  10. Videos

    There are many uses of online video, including case studies, company overviews, service descriptions or weekly blog posts. Today, many firms collect their videos in a dedicated videos section of their library

So rather than discounting your brand why not try an alternative option?

If you are struggling to come up with an idea then come an talk to us. We have soo many ideas ready.

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Providing a price discount only discounts your brand. Here are 10 alternative options.

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