Will your business survive after the new changes bought in my Facebook on 11th Jan 2018

Will your business survive after the new changes bought in my Facebook on 11th Jan 2018

Facebook News Feed Changes For Publishers: How To Survive in 2018

January 11, 2018, marked an announcement that will change the way we approach social media marketing on Facebook. It may seem like terrible news for social media marketers, e-commerce and small businesses altogether, it isn’t all bad news.

What’s Changed With Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm?

Previously, Facebook’s News Feed ranking algorithm factored in things like post engagement metrics to determine what showed up, and in what order. Now, posts created by friends and family will automatically receive the algorithmic boost. It’s not the end of Facebook marketing, but your posts won’t show up as often, organically, as you would like them to.

The solution is to change your strategy.

Here are 4 steps you can take to ensure your posts make it thru Facebook’s new algorithm terrain.

1. Post Less, And Better

Since you’re asking your fans to see your posts, you need to make sure those posts are really interesting. “Edutainment” content (educational+entertaining) will perform well. And, it will keep people coming back to your page to see what happens next.

2. Lock in Your Brand Identity

Along with the posts you’re going to schedule, you’ll need to make sure your Page is on brand with your, well, brand. Things like your logo, visual style, the tone and language you use in your company description, about section and your posts, will make you recognizable to Facebook users. A recognizable brand always has a better chance of positive attention than an unrecognizable or inconsistent one.

3. Keep Up Engagement

Facebook’s algorithm will still, to some degree, favor business page posts that have more likes, comments, and shares than posts that do not. This isn’t something you’re going to be able to fake. But you can build engagement with how you interact with the people who like and comment on your posts. Respond to messages quickly, too. That badge on your page that tells people how quickly you respond to messages matters.

4. Work With Influencers

It’s no secret that influencer marketing is powerful. As Forbes said in a January 15th article where Keenan Beasley interviewed Forbes’ social media specialist, Thomas Drew, about the changes at Facebook and the role of influencers in the new social environment. In a nutshell, they say that influencers and their audiences will thrive in new algorithm. So it’s in your best interest to find some influencers that are in line with your brand.

So, get ahead of the others by following these 4 simple steps today! If you need help, just send us a request by either filling in the form below or emailing us at contactus@thefusionbrand.com.au. We promise you that a real person will call you back. How refreshing is that for a change!


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Will your business survive after the new changes bought in my Facebook on 11th Jan 2018

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